ReforceTech W.L.L. Qatar

Doha, Qatar

"Our Mission

  • ReforceTech Concrete Solutions is targeting a fraction of the Steel worldwide market of 250,000,000 Tons
  • Target market is where black steel is not competitive due to corrosion or weight specifications, and where stainless and epoxy coated steel are premium cost but ineffective solutions.
  • Breakthrough MiniBars™ product,enabling Pre-reinforced Concrete. Highly competitive solution for loadbearing capacity applications, requiring high flexural tensile strength and average residual strength.
  • ReforceTech reinforcement is enabling corrosion few, lightweight structures, no-conductive and non-magnetic. ReforceTech is targeting customers that are seeking to change their end product into a new innovative competitive solution.

The following concrete application areas are targeted due to the unique enabling features of the ReforceTech solution:

  • Pre-cast elements or in-situ, façade walls, boundary walls, inner walls etc.
  • Concrete flooring
  • Urban waterfronts and Floating concrete infrastructure
  • Coastal structures
  • Wind-turbine bases and Wave and Tidal stream
  • Highways, Tunnels, Culverts etc.



13th floor, Amwal Tower
West Bay


Telephone: 974 40 35 63 00