Advanced Engineering 2019

Ranger Group

Carate Bza, Italy

Our background lets us state that are more important a great experience and skill,  than the equipments.

Speaking about advanced technologies, we could remind hundreds history cases in which we were leader in concept or in manufacturing plastic and composite articles, that sometime changed completely the way to realise the final item.

For instance Ranger Italiana in the eighties was the first company in the world that planned and produced the five star bases of the office chairs in plastics as well as in the nineties RI realized flat underbody shields for Ferrari cars or at the beginning of the year two thousand a large tile in composite material for fixing photovoltaic panels.

This Know-how is at our customer disposal in order to create lasting and fair collaborations within the limits of sustainable development.


Via Rivera 56
Carate Bza


Telephone: +39 0362 9811