Porcher Industries

Bougoin Jallieu, France

From its initial trade of silk weaving, the Porcher industries Group has consistently anticipated advances in technology and industry, allowing them to maintain their leadership position throughout the years. A pioneer of textile technology in the 1950’s, and dedicated to international development from the 1980’s forward, Porcher has steadily invested its resources to stay ahead of market needs and client expectations. Today, as the undisputed leader in the technical textiles sector, the Porcher industries Group leverages its considerable expertise, innovation, and worldwide presence to develop products of superior quality and performance.

Porcher industries, is nowaday an international group dedicated to the development and production of innovative products, combining textiles and chemistry for multiple industrial application for many markets :

  • Automotive
  • Building & Industrial
  • Composites
  • Electronics
  • Sport

Now, more than ever, by sharing our know-how, developing customer relationships, and using the power behind our Group, we are able to move forward together to contribute to the success of your enterprise.


BP 501
Bougoin Jallieu


Telephone: +33 4 74 43 11 00