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Poly 3 srl

Calvisano (BS), Italy

Poly 3 is an Italian company, which works in the fibreglass sector as producer of gelcoat, colouring pastes and polyester adhesives.

“The winds and waves are always on the side of the ablest navigators” (E. Gibbon)

This is the ability which allows Poly 3 to follow the course to excellence.

Our mission involves the offering to our customers what they exactly expect from us. To achieve this goal, Poly3 has chosen to customize its products and services always pursuing two values: customer orientation and fairness.

Poly 3 relates with the customers honestly, it tends to establish long term relations on the basis of profit and satisfaction.

The company targets are:

  1. let every customer use a tailor-made product successfully; 

  2. supply customer with a product that will preserve its quality unaltered during a long time.


Via Rimemranze 7
Calvisano (BS)


Telephone: +39 030 996 8132