Advanced Engineering 2019

Loop Technology Ltd

Dorchester, Dorset

Loop Technology is an innovative automation solutions provider serving the high value manufacturing sector. Loop has developed a number of solutions for the composites industry. In particular we have created a range of fabric handling and layup systems along with optical inspection and kitting solutions.

Loops fabric handling systems cater for both 2D and 3D applications. The 2D system is an automatically configurable 2D gripper designed for picking a wide range of ply shapes and sizes, ideal for kitting applications where the objective is to move plies from a cutting table to a store.

The 3D solution is designed to form plies into a double curvature form and for deposition into a mould tool. it is targeted at components such as engine nacelles wing skins/panels or fuselage sections.

Loop have also developed a high speed optical inspection system known as FibreEye designed for either AFP or fabric deposition applications. The system has the ability to detect and measure ply location, gaps, overlaps, bridging, twisting, fibre orientaiton and foreign object detection.

Completing Loop's current portfolio of composite related automated equipment is a kitting system designed to pick nested plies from multiple components on a cutting table, storing and sorting before finally transferring to a transport trolley as kits ordered in layup order.


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