Advanced Engineering 2019

Lamplas Polymer Engineering

Consett, United Kingdom

"At Lamplas we produce composite components using hand layup, spray layup & resin transfer/vacuum infusion moulding.
Hand layup is generally used when the part is too small in volume or too complicated to be made any other way. It is a convenient and cost effective method for producing fibreglass parts quickly and efficiently.
Spray layup provides a high volume cost effective method of manufacturing fibreglass products at a lower cost. Generally suited to medium/large open mould parts.
Spray layup provides a rapid tooling time that can easily be changed to meet engineering or marketing needs. Benefits of spray layup include, low cost investment with virtually no parts size limitation.
Vacuum assisted resin transfer moulding is a low pressure closed moulding system, this offers a high quality engineered component with a good surface finish on both sides. As this is a low pressure process, tooling costs are very competitive."


Lamplas (Durham) Ltd Valley Road
Castleside Industrial Estate
County Durham
United Kingdom


Telephone: (+44) 1207 502474