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Jedo Technologies

Labege, France

Since 1987, Jedo Technologies has relentlessly been pushing back the limits of what water jet cutting can do. Thanks to our ability to harness and control the power of the water jet, this technology delivers ultra-fine cutting (tolerance +/-0.05 mm) in medium series production on any type of material. Jedo Technologies’ expertise has also produced a lot of other major breakthroughs like microboring, multiperforation and today’s 3D machining. At this level of performance, it’s no wonder our technology often leads the field with no real alternatives.

Jedo Technologies’ talent for constant innovation goes hand in hand with our focus on R&D: more than 10% of our annual turnover is dedicated to it.

Yesterday, water pressure at the nozzle outlet was 1,000 bar. Today, it achieves 6,000 bar with an abrasive load and infinitely better accuracy, and this may be just a taste of what’s to come !


260, rue du Chêne Vert


Telephone: +33 5 61 00 04 50

Email: contact@jedoservices.fr

Website: jedotechnologies.com