iSpecc Limited

Shrewsbury, UK

iSpecc are distributors for leading capital equipment manufacturers, partnering with companies that bring innovation to the composites industry.

iSpecc also provide industrial services for maintaining production equipment, project management, equipment design and specification for optimal performance, control systems and consultancy with real market intelligence giving insight to optimal designs and commercial aspects as well as delivering increases in productivity and return on investment and health & safety compliance and consultancy.

We recently acted as lead consultant for a Tier one aerospace supplier on a major infrastructure programme providing market intelligence, equipment and control assessments, production optimisation and quality improvements which delivered significant cost savings and profit increases.

iSpecc are distributors for the following companies:

ISOJET offer a full range of resin transfer mould equipment including; Liquid Resin Infusion, Resin Injection, Pressuring Resin Injection and High Temperature Resin Transfer Moulding. The have a full range of standard equipment and manufacture bespoke solutions to customers requirements. Their strength lies in their technical knowledge of RTM process with a full range of resin materials.

iSpecc and ISOJET are presently involved in the UK’s leading composite research centre, the National Composites Centre to introduce innovate high temperature, high pressure RTM equipment and moulds. Instrumental in winning the control iSpecc are also providing project management, UK health and safety regulatory compliance, CDM compliance, communication and facilitating services.

PEI manufacture Hydraulic Presses with specific innovation for Composite production. A large press is in place at the NCC for demonstration.

iSpecc are presently modifying the press control system to integrate the High Temperature RTM Equipment for the National Composite Centre.

SAT are the leading European manufacturer producing a wide variety of specialist thermal applications, industrial ovens (with expertise in composite ovens) and aluminium heat treatment. A dynamic and creative company, they offer unique design solutions

iSpecc and SAT are supplying UTC Aerospace Systems with advanced composite heat treatment equipment with iSpecc providing equipment design, bespoke designed loading systems and aerospace standard control and data acquisition systems.

Eastman produce automated cutting equipment with world leading innovation. As cutting experts with 130 years’ experience Eastman have an extensive range of automated, semi-automated and manual machines.

An Eastman automated cutting table is available for demonstration at the Advanced Manufacturing Research Centre in the UK. iSpecc have recently installed automated cutting machines to Magiboards and Strathclyde University.

Techni-Modul Engineering are leading composite industry innovators with a prestigious track record of delivering pioneering turnkey solutions. Producing machines for a variety of composite processes and specialising in robotics and automation.

Recently Techni-Modul introduced SMARTCONTROL. An automated layup process that can not only accurately place ply to with 0.2 mm position accuracy confirming its position accuracy whilst simultaneously inspecting and detect any faults in the material or contamination.

Compose are tooling / mould experts supplying the worlds manufacturing companies with precision forming tools for a wide variety of processes.

iSpecc and Compose are partnering to supply a highly sophisticated RTM tool/mould to the National Composite Centre as part of the HT-RTM Project.

Rodwell iSpecc are appointed by Rodwell Autoclaves as the sole distributors for the Dwell 280 Autoclave. iSpecc bring their wealth of knowledge of the composite industry and expertise in design and specification of autoclaves and other industrial equipment.


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