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Composites Industry Directory


Manufacturer of composite materials: honeycombs, aluminium & Nomex and products for sandwich panels, metal skins, preimpregnated fibres, adhesive films.


Phenolic GRP DIY Furniture

Icotec AG

Research, design and manufacture of high-performance endless fibre-reinforced composite fastening elements and other structural components for a wide range of industrial and medical applications.


Industrial research and development, training and information, for the hydrocarbon, oil & gas, and automotive industries.


FRP grating, FRP Flanges, FRP lightpoles.

Ilium Composites

Ilium manufactures and distributes fiberglass reinforcement using a new and unique process technology that has been patented. Annually, more than 15,000 tons of composite reinforcement is produced and sold to customers in the transportation, construction, recreational and alternative energy industries in the Middle East, US, Europe, Asia and to developing markets including Brazil.

IMA Materialforschung und Anwendungstechnnik GmbH

Design and product development for high performance composites, materials and parts testing, training for composites technology.

Incure Inc.

INCURE INC. is a leading manufacturer of advanced UV adhesives, coatings, inks, gaskets, form-in-place/cure-in-place gasket (FIPG/CIPG), masking, media dry blast masks, sealants and UV/LED light curing systems. We offer customers bonding solutions for manufacturing environments, including MRO, automotive, medical, electronic, glass, optical, jewelry and many other industries worldwide.

Indupol Composite Solutions

We are specialised in glass fibre reinforced polyester, is the market leader in the supply of composite products and exists since more than 40 years

Industrial Analytical CC

Metal based reference materials

Industrie Systemes

Sales and installation of gel-coat and resin spraying machines.


A leading supplier of high-quality technical films for the prepreg and composites industries.

Institut fuer Verbundwerkstoffe GmbH

R&D of new composite applications

Institut fur Konstruktion und Verbundbauweisen EV

Design and dimensioning of high performance composite and engineering plastic parts.

Instron Ltd

Manufacture and marketing of materials testing systems.

Intellitec a Division of ATP

Intellitec has become an aerospace industry leader in the design and production of RTM products through its cost effective manufacturing approach.


Belzona distributor in Egypt

Ipeco Composites

"Ipeco Holdings Ltd is a privately owned UK company, engaged in the design, development, manufacture and test of niche products for the aerospace and defence industries. Principal products include aircraft crew seating, executive passenger seating, galley inserts, salt bath brazed chassis and electronic power management systems. Ipeco has extensive manufacturing capabilities which include composites and salt bath brazing."


Construction of RTM injection moulding machines and two-component metering systems, presses.

Isovolta Osterreichische

Production of composite materials based on EP, PH and ME-resins reinforced by aramid, glass, carbon, PE and hybrid fabrics. Production of resins and prepregs.

iSpecc Limited

iSpecc provide Industrial Services, Projects, Equipment, Controls & Consultancy

Israel Aircraft Industries/Commercial Aircraft Group

The main activities of the IAI Advanced Composites Centre are: metal to metal bonding, full depth honeycomb panels, metal bonded assemblies, bonded structures using graphite/epoxy - fibreglass/epoxy - Kevlar.


"IWC’s glass-reinforced plastic (GRP) manufacturing facility in Isando, Ekurhuleni, is one of a handful of GRP plants in South Africa, offering the design and manufacturing in-house of GRP products and undertake custom GRP fabrications relating to the cooling tower industry including fan rings, slurry GRP cooling towers, distribution launders and troughs, inlet louvers and the like. Today, IWC also undertakes on-site GRP piping repair work as well as corrosion resistant linings."

Izumi International Inc

Winders for fibres, creels for fibres, equipment for carbon fibre, tension control equipment.