Advanced Engineering 2019

Hounsfield Facility for X-ray Micro Tomography

Loughborough, United Kingdom

"We offer competitive bespoke 3D microstructural visualisation and quantification solutions to both academic and industrial partners. Using our interdisciplinary team of experts we take care of the whole data acquisition and data analysis process. We will take time to understand research questions and discuss how our facility might be able to answer them. Through designing a customised data acquisition and image analysis package for problems, customers obtain the best solution that X-ray micro-tomography can offer.
Common analytic solutions include defect detection, bubble size analysis, wall thickness and comparative analysis before and after a treatment, comparison of actual objects to CAD/CAM models, reverse engineering and creation of mesh files of objects for rapid prototyping. "


University of Nottingham
Sutton Bonnington Campus
Sutton Bonnington
LE12 5RD
United Kingdom


Telephone: 01159516544