Fukui Industrial Support Center

Fukui, Japan

"NISHIDA SHOKUSAN CO LTD: biodegradable products (soluble, non-weave, rope, braiding etc). HIRANO TECSEED CO., LTD: proceeding machines for composites. SAKAI OVEX CO., LTD: wide spread tows, UD sheets, and the fabrics woven with spread tows of carbon fiber and glass fiber. Fiber reinforced thermoplastic sheet based on the widespread tow. HARMONI SANGYO CO., LTD: wide spread tows and UD sheets machines. MITSUYA CO., LTD: Fiber reinforced thermoplastic and textile based on the wide spread tow. MAEDA KOSEN CO., LTD: double mesh sheet and raschel sheet by carbon, aramid and glass fiber, aramid textile and roads. NICCA CHEMICAL CO., LTD: Funcional agents and resins (PU resins, anti-static, smoothness, UV absorber agents etc). Industrial Technology Centre of FUKUI prefecture: thermoplastic UD sheets based on the wide spread tow."


Kawaiwashizuka 61
910 0102


Telephone: +81 776 0664