Elmira Ltd

London, United Kingdom

"Elmira is the official European distributor of the sustainbale SuperCoralTM Bio Epoxy Prepreg, ExaPhen® line of Urethane resin systems, polyols and novolacs, and of the SuperSap-ExaPhen line of Epoxy Resin Systems. Elmira also distributes Supersap® sustainable Epoxy systems in selected markets and regions.
Our products portfolio can cover most composite processing for both industrial and retailing needs, offering solutions for Prepreg, Compression Moulding, VRTM, RTM, Pultrusion, Filament Winding, HandLayup, and Adhesives.
The markets of aim include the Automotive, Marine, Sport and Ware, Offshore structures, Design and Architectural Structures.
We offer materials with increased impact strength and toughness, superior surface finish including clear UV stable solutions, lower density, improved fibre wetting, highly paintable, high bio based content and with medium Tg.
Elmira can support customised solutions including fire-retardant properties. For more information and access to the Elmira's catalogue, do not hesitate to contact us."


Ascot House 2 Woodberry Grove
N12 0FB
United Kingdom


Telephone: 01142763158