Crosby Composites

Brackley, United Kingdom

"Crosby Composites is a leading carbon fibre engineering company supplying customers worldwide. Established in 1982, the company has constantly improved production techniques and invested in the latest technologies to provide cost effective components and achieve shorter lead times.
We offer composite solutions for both one-off prototype components, as well as larger production runs. Our accuracy, reliability and fast turn around time allows us to work with a large variety of industries, from high precision Formula One cars and Aerospace to the longer production runs and visual standards of the automotive and medical industries.
We are capable of complete composite design and manufacture and have 5 bespoke departments to deal with each stage of a project. Within these departments is the latest technology, we currently operate a digital 2D CNC material cutter, three Computer controlled Autoclaves, two 3 and three 5 axis CNC machines, and a 6 axis inspection arm with laser scanner. This range of equipment, material knowledge and experience enables us to take a component and formulate the most cost effective and suitable manufacturing technique for each project"


Unit C Nigel Court
Ward Road
Buckingham Road Industrial Estate
NN13 7LF
United Kingdom


Telephone: +44(0)1280 840630