CQFD Composites

68270 Wittenheim, France

CQFD Composites delivers high performance pultruded thermoplastic composites for high-end applications in the form of linear profiles, curved profiles, semi products or structural inserts with extremely high content of reinforcing fibres which can generate strategic advantages in Construction, Transport, or Electrical applications.

With 4 pultrusion lines dedicated to thermoplastic pultrusion development, CQFD Composites offers a unique confidential R&D environment in Europe to develop novel thermoplastic composite products. We work from the genuine concept to the manufacturing stage.

CQFD Composites is your privileged and experienced development partner to efficiently bring to markets innovative product solutions based on our thermoplastic pultrusion technologies.


2 Rue du Maine, 68270 Wittenheim, France


Telephone: (+33) 6 62 12 36 69