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There is a standard colours chart available and we have colorimetric laboratories to match any new colour. Manufacturer of mastics, glues, finishes and colouring pastes in all shades. POLYMIR-CIRON specialist in distribution, also offers polyester, epoxy and polyurethane resins, silicon and polyurethene, glues, catalysts and accelerators, solvents, glazies, small tools and of course all fabrics and linings. Suppliers to the nautical and aeronautical industries, sanatary ware, building materials, swimming pools, tank construction and all industrial parts. New: Modelling and moulding. Ciron and Pascal rosier moulage® - The alliance that answers your requirements » have designed and selected a wide range of high quality moulding and castings products for the satisfaction of professional and amateur customers, which is an absolute priority.


Moulin de Pernaud
33720 Barsac


Telephone: +33 5 56 27 40 80

Email: polymir@wanadoo.fr

Website: www.ciron.com