Bitrez Limited

Standish, Wigan, UK

Bitrez Ltd is a resin-manufacturing organisation that offers an extensive range of highly innovative materials for Coatings, Composites and Insulation, developed for an equally broad range of markets, including Rail, Aerospace, Automotive, Construction and Energy. Rapid response and flexibility are combined with controlled design, development and implementation programmes to assure new and existing customers of timely, effective solutions to their resin requirements. We acknowledge that every customer may have unique requirements and we welcome discussion with our technical and sales personnel to ensure that the optimum package is provided.

Epoxy resins, including unsaturated products for snap cure and enhanced toughness.

Phenolic resins, Phenol-Aralkyl resins plus Acrylics, Vinyl Ester and specialist grades of Polyester.

Hybrid and Bio based materials, synthesised to provide unique material properties for faster processing and improved performance.

Specialist materials including Polyamides, Alkyds, Polyols, Mannich bases, Furan and Amines as well as cross-linking agents, curatives, functional additives and adhesives.

This includes numerous high thermal performance, high chemical resistance, high fracture toughness - toughened grades for low and high temperature applications, including FST materials compliant in accordance with FAR 25.853 / EN45545.

Bitrez has also developed exclusive market leading low free monomer products including a range of low free formaldehyde products [non-carcinogenic], low styrene, low phenol, anhydride free and phenol free products.

Confidential contract manufacturing operating under IPPC authorisation and utilising internationally recognised management standards for quality, safety and environmental control.


Bradley Hall Trading Estate
Bradley Lane


Telephone: +44 (0) 1257 425512