Barracuda Advanced Composite

The Barracuda Advanced Composites, established in Brazil since 1986, has been all this time the leading company in the development of structures of buildings in composite materials. Through demonstrations, seminars and specialised training, the Barracuda is spreading the knowledge of the use of composite materials, laminating techniques and modern construction processes, providing technology and information for the development of the Brazilian market.

Besides having a wide distribution network focused on the development of projects with its clients, providing an accurate supply of raw materials and a customized technical support for the production of lightweight structures, the Barracuda Advanced Composites conducts research and frequent tests to to transform scientific knowledge into technology and practical results that associated with their products create innovative solutions. 

Distribute high quality products is not enough, so the Barracuda works in engineering solutions and design with its customers, while remaining open to provide technical assistance in the use of its products and processes.