Composites Industry Directory


A boutique management consultancy practice available to support most disciplines in the advanced materials sector

Bally Ribbon Mills

Woven 2D and 3D fabrics, shapes, panels and near-net-shape preforms utilizing carbon, ceramic, quartz, silicon carbide and aramide fibers. polar(spiral) woven shapes. Braided composite structures. Triaxial braiding. Flat and tubular braids.

Barthels Feldhoff GmbH & Co

Producer of braided reinforcements for the composite industry and advanced technology applications.

Basalt Projects Company

Engineering of basalt fiber and composites

Bayer plc


Bayer Polyurethanes

"Sales of chemicals for all industries, especially polyurethane systems for the automotive, construction and design objects sector."

Baypol Chemical

Baypol Chemical is the manufacturer of polyester resin.


"Since its founding, Bcomp has been focusing on understanding the specificity of natural fibers and their composites, and developing corresponding solutions bringing striking benefits – in addition to the lower ecological footprint – to the end product."

Beet Building System

We are designing, producing and building all kind of constructions and buildings in FRP materiel (100% FRP.)

Belotti Srl

"3 and 5 axis numerically controlled machining centres. mill, laser and waterjet cutting of plastics and composite materials."

Bentley Advanced Materials

"Bentley Advanced Materials has been in business since 1978 and are a stockist of Bluestar one part bonding and sealing products. Bentley also offer a wide range of other materials such as liquid rubbers, plastics, foams and gypsum plasters which can be used for applications related to mould making, casting, composites and TV/movie special effects. "

Berndorf Band Group

Steel Belt & Belt Systems Constructor with an R&D Centre for composites

Bettcher Industries Inc

"Bettcher Indsutries manufactures and sells cutting tools and equipment for composite and synthetic materials, foam processing equipment, special scissors and trimmers."

BGF Industries Inc - Groupe Porcher Industries

"Waeving of glass, carbon, aramide fibres."

Biesse France



Design and manufacture of passivated galvanized steel and stainless steel-based mounting inserts.

Bindatex Advanced Materials Cutting

Provider of precision slit thermoplastic & thermoset tapes




Bird is a Design firm specialising in the design of innovative composite products.

Bitrez Limited

Bitrez Limited is a manufacturer of Synthetic Resins and Formulated Systems.

Biw Silicon and Glassfibre

"Glassfibre braiding - Knitting with different coatings - impregnations (eg silicon, PU, acrylic). Silicone mouldings (LSR) - extrusions and slilcone foam - spong production."

Blackstone Tek

Wheels from Carbon fibre

BOC Sciences

BOC Sciences provides a wide range of research chemicals and biochemicals.

Bold Valuable Technology Limited

Bold offers design and manufacturing services to motorsport, aerospace and industry. We specialise in battery pack integration and structural composite & mechanical components

Bolentz and Schafer C/O EHA GmbH

"Design, development and production of filament winding machines, impregnating lines, curing ovens and air-floatation dryers, complete production lines."

Bond-Laminates GmbH

"Bond-Laminates develops, manufactures and sells Tepex advanced thermoplastic composite laminates. "

Boneham & Turner Ltd

"Boneham & Turner Ltd are a leading manufacturer and supplier of tooling components. The company has experience in the supply of Drills Bushes, Dowel Pins, Jig & Fixture Parts, Shims, Koenig Sealing Plugs, Press Tool Parts and other precision fasteners and components, both standard, and to customer drawing. They also offer a complete solutions service from fully traceable UK manufacture at our facility to managed in-house inventory and low cost sourcing."

Borden -Chemicals

Borden manufacture phenolic resin and ancillar FRP products for use of phenolic composite. Product line includes both water based phenolic as well as solvated resoles and novalacs for prepeg formulations

Bowea Advance Material Technology Co Ltd

BOWEA is a high performance fiber glass material company, based on its experience of R&D,production & marketing of composites.

Boyi Prototypes

Professional Rapid Prototyping services from BOYI. Methods includes Rapid Tooling, CNC Aluminum Machining, Vacuum Casting etc.

Boytek Resins

"Boytek is a producer of various types of unsaturated polyester resins, gel coats and pigment pastes"

Brenntag SA


Brno University Of Technology

We solve design, material realisation, and characterisation of composite interface/interphase.

Broadwater Mouldings Ltd

An innovative British design engineering and composites manufacturing company, which specialises in supplying high quality fibre reinforced plastics (FRP) and FRP assemblies


"Unidirectional tape, prepregs, woven and non woven prepregs, film and paste adhesives, liquid resin for VARTM, RTM, Scrimp, radar absorbing materials syntatic."

BTG Composites Inc

"Specialists in composites/FRP manufacturing, design and analysis, testing, training, failure analysis and process development. Over 45 years experience in resin infusion molding (RTM/VARTM) type processes, filament winding, fiber placement and various hybrid processes. Experience with glass, carbon, graphite, aramid and hybrid fiber composite structures. Aerospace, commercial, industrial, sports & recreation, oilfield and civil infrastructure market applications experience."


Raw material production: fire proofing agents.

Bullet Liner

Bullet Liner is committed to providing you with the utmost quality in polyurethane spray coating protectant by the most highly skilled and trained technicians in their field.

Busch France

"Vacuum pumps, vacuum units, vacuum centres for RTM, vacuum centres for drape forming. Mould degassing, vacuum pumps for thermoforming. Specific studies, vacuum engineering."

Busing and Fasch

"BUFA is a manufacturer of gelcoats. Buffa offers the Oldopal gelcoat range and a comprehensive range of products, technologies, machines and services for the GRP processing industry. "

BYK Chemie France

"Wetting and dispersing agents. Antifoaming agents for unsaturated polyester resins, SMC, BMC and PVC plastisols."