Advanced Engineering 2019


Thimister-Clermont, Belgium

Armacell is the pioneer in the field of polyethylene terephthalate (PET) technology and was the first manufacturer to succeed in qualifying PET foam as core material for the composite industry. Thanks to ArmaFORM PET’s unique combination of material and processing properties, such as outstanding fatigue endurance, elevated service temperature stability and excellent compatibility with all resin and manufacturing methods, our structural PET foam cores are widely used in composite sandwich constructions.

With the market introduction of ArmaFORM PET, Armacell paved the way for PET foam cores in the composite industry. But our research did not stop there; as a technology leader, Armacell further developed and successfully introduced PET foam cores 100% made from post-consumer PET materials, more precisely from recycled beverage bottles. Whereas the standard PET foams available in the composite industry use virgin PET resin as raw material base, ArmaFORM PET is 100% manufactured from recycled PET. Thus Armacell is able to provide PET foam cores with the same consistent, reliable qualities but with significantly improved environmental performance. The ArmaFORM PET foaming process reduces CO2 emissions by 33% compared to other PET foam cores, which are all made of virgin PET resin. The improvement is even greater in comparison with main polymeric foam cores like PVC (-52%), SAN (-46%) or PUR (-62%).


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