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Abaris Training

Abaris Training Resources is the leader in advanced composite training and specialised consultation services, worldwide. We have been in business since 1983, serving all sectors that use composite materials. 

Abaris provides over 22 different courses in advanced composite technologies, covering engineering and design, manufacturing, repair, NDI, and other related subjects. We deliver a semester's worth of education in each of our 5-day intensive, hands-on courses!

Our European facility is co-located with KVE Composites in Maastricht, NE, making it accessible to clients in Europe and the U.K. We also have two US facilities; one located on the east coast in Plainview, NY and the other on the west coast in Reno, NV (Abaris headquarters).  In addition, we offer training at São José dos Campos, at Parque Tecnológico, in São Paulo, Brazil.

Additionally, we can organise standard or customised onsite courses for our customers who wish to train large groups at their own facilities. This is a most cost-effective way to train your personnel and 'get them all on the same page at the same time'. Our Direct Services Division also provides engineering and technical services, R&D, and consultation to our customers seeking assistance with their programs, projects, or even facility development.

Visit our website today at or email us at (U.S.) or at the KVE website at or by email at (Europe & U.K.) to see how we can assist you with your advanced composite training needs!


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