3A Composites

Singen, Germany

The materials can easily be fabricated and fitted. The products’ wide range of interior and exterior applications is as versatile as their properties: high formability and stability, broad range of colours / surfaces and excellent weather resistance, individual design and simple processing, as well as low weight and large panel sizes.

KAPA®tech is the innovative lightweight foamboard with the pioneering composition of polyurethane foam and aluminium skins that combines light weight with rigidity. Moreover, KAPA®tech is euroclass B certified according to ISO 13501-1 and is thus the first KAPA® board in the category “difficult to ignite”.

KAPA®tech offers perfect characteristics for a lot of interesting applications in transport and industry such as insulation, ceilings, interior fittings for trains and boats, elevator cabins, base for cabinet doors and doors in caravans as well as casing of machines.

ALUCORE® and ALUCOBOND® also play an important role in the ship building industry due to fire protection guidelines and the necessity of weight reduction. In the in-cabin room ceilings, walls and furniture are made of ALUCORE® and ALUCOBOND®. Due to their excellent product properties, the products are also used for exterior parts of ships such as balcony partitions.

These materials have also been used with great success in the construction of rail vehicles for many years. Besides the reduction of the CO2 emissions, the increasing relevance of lightweight construction in this area is the reason for their success. As mostly the loading of the existing railway system e.g. for bridges and tunnels is limited, the necessity to reduce weight of the vehicles themselves is essential. ALUCORE® and ALUCOBOND® are used for e.g. cabins, doors, intermediate doors, wall and ceiling coverings, entire wagon floors or side coverings.

In the vehicle industry weight reduction is the main reason for using composite materials. The weight reduction of the vehicle is directly related to minor fuel consumption and thus to the reduction of CO2 emissions. KAPA® PUR lightweight foam boards are particularly used in this field of application for car and bus ceilings. ALUCOBOND® is used e.g. for exterior side covering of busses. With its perfect surface flatness ALUCOBOND® is the ideal substrate for applying advertisements on the side claddings of busses. ALUCOBOND® has already successfully been installed as substructure for boxes and ramps of trailers.

Within architecture ALUCOBOND® perfectly adapts to a building's contours, flowing elements. It is the combination of formability, flatness, stability and weather resistance that characterizes this material.


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