Advanced Engineering 2019

Does Size Actually Matter?

03 November 2017

INC, Europe’s premier Industrial Nanocomposite Conference, was once again held in Stuttgart in October where we discussed Nanocomposites and heard from industry experts that size really does matter!

Following the industry superstar graphene winning the much esteemed Nobel Prize for Physics, the subject of nanocomposites has hovered around mainstream and technology news making it a household term. But behind the hype lies the work of some of the World’s most impressive scientist. INC gave the opportunity for academics, supply chain and end-users alike to discuss the places where nanocomposites really are making a difference, where they will be in the future, and the challenges we will need to overcome to see this happen.

Established researchers Fengge Gao, now of Nottingham Trent University, and Ivica Kolaric , now of Fraunhofer-Institute for Manufacturing and Automation , discussed the future for nanocomposites and how they can impact important sectors such as transportation.

Fengge said with enthusiasm "a new generation of composites have been designed... nanotechnology is superior over traditional fibre and micro filler technology." The conference members highlighted how the challenge now is to market the benefits to end users.

Ivica pointed out that the future will be filled with smart transportation, mega city cars with smart parking, car to car interaction and utility management – all of which will see nanomaterials as the enabler.

Commercially focused Haydale Composite Solutions, Carbodeon and 2-DTech talked about real projects where nanocomposites are making a difference. And whilst they were each happy to discuss the challenges the industry face, such as functionalisation, consistency and market understand, each highlighted real applications that showed how small things can make big, positive changes.

The future is nano and we look forward to INC 2019 to see the progression made.