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Why NetComposites?

  • World’s leading composites industry portal
  • Worldwide newsletter with 50 issues per year
  • Higher than average click through rate
  • Growing number of unique visitors year on year

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Our Website

NetComposites runs the world’s leading portal for the composites industry; an award-winning site that attracts the highest volume of visitors of any composites focussed media.

Each month, 35,000 people make over 62,000 page views while visiting the site’s 13,000 pages, which include:

  • Latest industry news
  • Guide to composites
  • Interactive tools
  • Industry directory
  • Events and careers information
  • Website Advertising

The most likely place your customers will begin their research is online. A banner advert on the NetComposites website puts your name in front of a global audience. Suited to raising general brand awareness, banners can easily be changed to
reflect promotions, events or specific products.

Banners are displayed randomly throughout the site upon page refresh. This form of advertising is suited to raising general brand awareness. The banners link directly to the website of your choice, with statistics available monthly.

There are 3 types of banners available on the NetComposites website which can be supplied as JPG or GIF files:

  • Standard Banner, 468 x 60 pixels
  • Box Advertisement, 260 x 260 pixels
  • Button Advertisement, 260 x 125 pixels
  GBP £ USD $* Euro €*
Standard Banner - 3 months 600 825 675
Standard Banner - 6 months 1,000 1,375 1,125
Standard Banner - 12 months 1,675


Box Advertisement - 3 months 840 1,155 945
Box Advertisement - 6 months 1,400 1,930 1,575
Box Advertisement - 12 months 2,335 3,215 2,625
Button Advertisement - 3 months 360 495 405
Button Advertisement - 6 months 600 825 675
Button Advertisement - 12 months 1,000 1,375 1,125
Advert Design 630 865 710

*Approximate cost, dependant on exchange rate.

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Our weekly newsletter is well-respected and well-read; distributed directly to over 15,000 composite industry professionals every week and read by many more.

Sponsorship of the newsletter presents your organisation’s brand to the largest number of industry decision makers of any composites industry media format. Your advert will be displayed in all issues of the newsletter. This form of advert is great for increasing brand recognition and awareness and the advert can link to a web page of your choice.

Newsletter sponsorship is available for 3, 6 or 12 month periods and there are 3 types available which can be supplied as a static JPG or GIF:

  • Standard Button, 180 x 50 pixels
  • Large Button,180 x 100 pixels
  • Standard Banner, 468 x 60 pixels
  GBP £ USD $* Euro €*
Standard Button - 1 week 165 227 185
Standard Button - 3 months 2,000 2,755 2,250
Standard Button - 6 months 3,335 4,595 3,750
Standard Button - 12 months 5,560 7,660 6,255
Large Button - 3 months 3,800 5,235 4,275
Large Button  - 6 months 6,335 8,885 7,125
Large Button  - 12 months 10,560 14,545 11,890
Standard Banner - 3 months 4,000 5,500 4,500
Standard Banner  - 6 months 6,670 9,230 7,500
Standard Banner  - 12 months 11,110 15,300 12,500
Advert Design 630 865 710
Company of the week 350 485 395

*Approximate cost, dependant on exchange rate.

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Job Advertising

NetComposites is the world’s largest dedicated composites web portal with over 45,000 unique visitors every month, and one of the main stops for composites professionals. Therefore this makes NetComposites the perfect place to advertise your
job vacancies.

Our customers range from large multi-national companies to small and medium enterprises, many of whom come back to us each time they have a new position to fill.

Your organisation’s job vacancies are presented with an image or logo, together with a listing in NetComposites newsletters, sent directly to over 15,000 composites professionals every week.

Job vacancies are displayed for 3 months or until we are informed that the vacancy is filled, whichever is sooner. Send your vacancy details to and we will usually upload it within 24 hours.

  GBP £ USD $* Euro €*
Vacancy Posting 345 475 390
5 Vacancy Postings† 1,380 1,900 1,555
10 Vacancy Postings† 2,415 3,325 2,715
20 Vacancy Postings† 5,520 7,600 6,210

*Approximate cost, dependant on exchange rate.

† Booked at same time and used within a 12 month period.

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Events Calendar

Ensure that the composites industry is aware of your exhibitions, seminars, conferences, meetings or social events. We aim to list all relevant industry events to the calendar, free-of-charge.

By advertising online with NetComposites, your event will be public and immediately indexed by the popular search engines. Your event listing can directly link to your registration page, offering an easy registration process for potential customers.

Upgrading to a premium placement gives increased exposure by offering:

  • Highlighted event listing
  • Image/logo
  • Guaranteed listing in NetComposites newsletters, sent
    directly to over 15,000 composite professionals every week.
  GBP £ USD $* Euro €*
Standard Event Posting FREE FREE FREE
Premium Event Posting 315 435 355

*Approximate cost, dependant on exchange rate.

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The interactive composites industry directory holds over 900 companies and is a popular feature of the NetComposites site.

The easy to use search system means that companies can be found by their business type or by the industry they supply.

A standard entry in the directory is free of charge.

Premium entries include automatic links to any live news articles or job vacancies on the NetComposites site. In addition, companies are offered 10MB to display company brochures, case studies and other marketing literature.

Premium companies are randomly highlighted on the homepage of the website.

  GBP £ USD $* Euro €*
Standard Directory Listing FREE FREE FREE
Premium Directory Listing 350 485 395

*Approximate cost, dependant on exchange rate.

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Brand Awareness

Why not give your brand the ultimate boost. Our brand awareness package offers you a Premium Directory Entry, a Leaderboard Web Banner and a Standard Newsletter Button. Packages are available for 3, 6 or 12 months.

  GBP £ USD $* Euro €*
Brand Awareness Package - 3 months 2,500 3,443 2,815
Brand Awareness Package - 6 months 3,950 5,440 4,445
Brand Awareness Package - 12 months 6,450 8,885 7,225

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Event Splash

Give your event the push it needs. Our event splash offers at least one event listing in NetComposites News, a Premium Calendar Entry and a 3 month standard web banner.

  GBP £ USD $* Euro €*
Event Splash Package 770 1,060 865

*Approximate cost, dependant on exchange rate.

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