Network Group for Composites in Construction goes Global

14 August 2012

The Network Group for Composites in Construction (NGCC) has opened up its membership to companies across the globe.

NGCC, which was founded in 2000 to promote the best practice of fibre reinforced polymers (FRPs) in construction applications, explains it currently has 70 members, using the group to communicate new ideas, ask questions and interact with partners and clients.

Dr. Sue Halliwell, Coordinator of the group said “NGCC is quite unique in that there are very few groups which bring together the whole supply chain for the use of composites in construction across the globe. We noticed that an increasing number of companies from overseas were contacting us through our website and social networks, and realised there was a need for us to expand our membership, supplying information to the construction industry about FRPs on a wider scale.”

NGCC says it helps to develop key markets and technologies by forming working groups from within the membership and wider industry to tackle industry issues.  These groups are supported by the central organisational office in the UK. One such group is currently drafting design guidance for UK FRP Bridge engineers with the aim to hopefully increase confidence in this application of the material and enable the technology to be further exploited in the area. It is also involved in development of the Eurocodes, having representation on key committees.

Claire Whysall, Event and Network Coordinator pointed out that “many of the membership opportunities are just as relevant to companies overseas as they are to those based in the UK.  We hold a wealth of case studies, a member’s only searchable database, e-newsletters which only members can contribute to as well as reduced delegate participation rates at NGCC events and the International Advanced Composites in Construction and FRP Bridges conference series.” Overseas companies are encouraged to join the group and work with us to develop the support they need in their country.

All interested companies are welcome to visit the organisation website at, email or call +44 (0)1246 266246 for more information.

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