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Composites One Demonstrate Closed Mould Technology Live at COMPOSITES 2012

Composites One, the Closed Mold Alliance and over 15 industry partners, will host a demonstration of closed mould technology live on the show floor during COMPOSITES 2012 in Las Vegas, Nevada on a specially designed staging area at Booth #629, both Wednesday, February 22, and Thursday, February 23.

Composites One say that manufacturers can experience work cells demonstrating closed mould processes like Light Resin Transfer Moulding (Light RTM), the Vacuum Infusion Process (VIP), and Flex Moulding to produce replica wind blades, a half hull, and a mini boat hull. Highlighting this year’s event will be the latest technologies designed to enhance closed mould production. 

They say that new this year will be the introduction of a specially formulated CCP Composites OptiPLUS infusion resin for tooling to the Vacuum Infusion Process. Vacuum Infusion is an ideal process for making tooling for both large and small parts offering benefits that traditional tooling manufacturing does not. 

“The importance of a quality manufacturing process is key to successful tooling,” said Composites One Vice President of Marketing, Greg Shymske. “With infused tooling the manufacturer will find improved heat resistance, extended mold life, faster build times, as well as a significant reduction in styrene emissions.” 

Also featured this year will be Flex Moulding Technology, developed by Magnum Venus Plastech, and improved upon by the Closed Mold Alliance. The program will feature a video demonstration of how to make a silicone bag using the Flex Mould Process.  Afterward, a live demonstration using the same silicone bag will feature production of a replica wind blade.  In addition, new Flex Moulding Controls will be featured in all work cells during the two-day demonstration.  

This year, Composites One say the Lean Mean Closed Mould Machine will also feature demonstrations of advanced composite technologies, including Axiom Prepreg, Huntsman Epoxies, MIT Recycled Carbon Fibre Preforms, and Bayer Polyurethane Resin Systems. These presentations will showcase a number of different parts including a tractor hood and a motorcycle engine cover.

We recognise the importance that emerging technologies have to composites manufacturers today,” said Shymske.  “And by including products that offer high performance properties, no styrene emissions, and environmentally-friendly features, we will demonstrate that these products have a place in many composites markets, as well as being a perfect complement to closed mould processes."

Brand new to the demonstrations this year will be the launch of the Sprayomer technology by SR Composites.  This flexible bag system is ideal for a variety of parts. The demonstration will also showcase the CARTM process and the benefits it offers to those manufacturers using closed moulding today. 

Composites One explain that the Lean Mean Closed Mold Machine at COMPOSITES 2012 will also showcase a micro-infused resin technology that can be used in closed moulding. They say MIRteq is a highly versatile material in so far as it is viscous at room temperature and can be poured, pumped, sprayed and machined to deliver a wide range of engineering solutions. 

All closed mould demonstrations will feature Magnum Venus Plastech (MVP). The program will also be presented with the assistance of Alliance member RTM North Technologies, North America’s leading Light RTM experts. Throughout the event, industry experts from the Alliance, along with the Composites One Closed Mould Team, will be on hand to answer attendees’ questions about closed mould processes, discuss equipment and materials, and help manufacturers learn how to put closed mould to work in their operation. This is the eighth consecutive year that Composites One and its partners have presented live demonstrations of closed mould processes at a major trade show event.

The live demonstrations at COMPOSITES 2012 are the culmination of a joint effort between Composites One, the Closed Mold Alliance and its supplier partners: Airtech Advanced Materials Group, Airex Baltek, Arkema, Axiom, Bayer Material Science, CCP Composites, Chemtrend, Chomarat, Huntsman Advanced Materials, ITW Plexus, JRL/Marine Composites, Kit Concepts, Magnum Venus Plastech, MIRteq, MIT, Owens Corning, RTM North Technologies, RTM North Solutions,  Sprayomer, Syrgis, Vectorply, and Wacker Silicones.
“The support of our suppliers has been crucial in the continued evolution of the Closed Mold Alliance,” said Shymske. “Composites One and the Closed Mold Alliance is the one place where manufacturers can find leading industry closed mold experts who can offer them a roadmap to successful closed mould conversion.”

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