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3D Fabrics & their Applications

3D textiles, in the forms such as solid, hollow, shell and node, demonstrate attractive characteristics in structures and properties and have found applications in many advanced fields, including aerospace, automotive, railway, truck, medical, and protection. Technologies involved in manufacturing 3D textiles include weaving, knitting, braiding, embroidery, filament winding and nonwoven. Development of advanced manufacturing technologies, investigation into structures and properties, and advanced applications of 3D textile based materials remain to be the main concerns. This series of conference serves as an international forum where deep level concerns regarding 3D textiles and applications are addressed.

This series of conferences started in Manchester UK in 2008 by Professor John Hearle and Dr Xiaogang Chen of TexEng Software Ltd with more than 150 attendees from the industries and academia. The Conference continued in Greenville, SC, USA in 2009, Wuhan, China in 2011, Aachen, Germany in 2012, Delhi, India in 2013, and Raleigh, North Carolina, US in 2015 and it has become one important event for the global textile and application communities. The conferences have proved to be popular among academic researchers as well as industrialists working in technical applications of textile materials and structures.

We are now pleased to announce that the seventh conference of this series will take place in Roubaix, France during 8-9 September 2016, hosted by ENSAIT, one of the leaders in textile engineering education and research in the world with a strong activities in 3D textiles.

We kindly ask you to inform your colleagues and spread the information about the conference among your contacts.

We look forward to seeing you in Roubaix (France) next September 2016.

Conference Co-Chairs
Professor John W S Hearle and Dr F. Boussu

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