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Sunnyvale, California, US

WeCutFoam specialises in custom cutting almost any foam, wood and light metals. We cut and machine EPS, XPS, EPP, Styrofoam, Eva, Polyurethane and Plexiglas. We create dimensional signs, letters, logos, custom props, exhibits, displays, architectural shapes, prototypes, composites, molds and crown moulding. We also provide foam moulds, composites, 3D scanning, laser cutting and coating services. Our machines include laser cutters, hot wire foam cutters, and CNC router tables – up to 20’ x 10’ x 8’. With them we can make full scale 3D shapes such as race cars, planes, and props, up to 60’ and more.


1248 Birchwood Drive
CA 94089


Telephone: +1 408 454 6163

Email: sales@wecutfoam.com

Website: www.wecutfoam.com

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