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Plasma Treating

Lichfield, UK

Interested in approving adhesion and wetting properties of 'non-stick' plastics? Plasma Treating could be the answer! Discover a clean, green, solvent free method of improving adhesion to 'non-stick' plastics, composites and more. Our dual treatment process is also fantastic for the cleaning of metals, ceramics, glass and more prior to a variety of bonding applications.

Check out our website, www.plasmatreating.co.uk, to discover more about the science of Plasma Treating, practical real life applications and more. Alternatively, speak to the UK based experts on +44(0) 1543 411 460.


1 Greenhough Road


Telephone: +44(0 1543 411 460

Email: info@dynetechnology.co.uk

Website: www.plasmatreating.co.uk

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