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North Thin Ply Technology


Thin Ply Technology ® consists of:
  • A unique process to spread reinforcement fibers and make the thinnest unidirectional prepreg tapes on the market, with fiber aerial weight down to 17gsm. A wide range of fibers can be processed (carbon, glass, quartz, aramid, etc.) and impregnated with a selection of in-house developed epoxy or cyanate ester resin systems.
  • An Automated Tape Laydown system (ATL) which is used to build customized prepreg preforms with no limitation in fiber orientation or number of plies.
  • A Software package that enables quick preform design, integration of Finite Element Analysis data and full traceability of the workflow. Our Software also allows to design 2-Dimension preforms to precisely fit on a 3-Dimension mold.

The use of thin plies offers significant improvements in the mechanical properties of composite laminates (for more information, see Technology). NTPT makes it possible for composite fabricators to integrate thin plies in their process while improving quality and reducing draping time.

Our Technology enables composite manufacturers to increase their efficiency and productivity. We continue to develop our technology to suit the particular needs of our customers.

NTPT's main facility is located in Switzerland with a team of 25 persons focused on Research & Development. NTPT's production facility in Poland is focused on the production of large volumes of unidirectional prepreg tapes.


Chemin de L'islettaz
Site Venoge Parc
Batiment C1
CH-1305 Penthalaz-Cossonay


Telephone: +41 21 811 08 88

Email: sales@thinplytechnology.com

Website: www.thinplytechnology.com

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