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Mallow, Ireland

"MICAM’s internal wall lining systems are designed to meet the demands of the airport building environment and other public spaces.
A range of NEMA and customised laminate products that offer enhanced electrical, mechanical, electrostatic dissipative or fire performance.
Precision machined composite components and assemblies are produced to customer specifications using CNC machining supported by state of the art 3D CAD-CAM
Micam develop customised prepreg solutions to match the material properties and processing requirements of our customers. We have impregnation capability for epoxy, silicone, melamine, phenolic and polyester resins onto a variety of reinforcement materials such as glass fabrics, carbon fibre, Kevlar, cotton and nylon. Our prepregs are used in a diverse range of applications such as electrical insulation, micro-electronics, anti-ballistic and construction applications."


Sean Moylan Park
Co. Cork


Telephone: +353 22 21345

Email: info@micam.com

Website: www.micam.com

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