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Mcclean Anderson

Schofield, US

Design & fabrication of composite production equipment

W. George McClean and Archibald C. Anderson founded McClean Anderson in 1961 as a creative engineering firm located on Holton Street in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. 

They engaged in consulting as well as design and fabrication of composite production equipment based on a novel reinforced plastic process developed by Mr. McClean. 

This process became what is now known as "filament winding". 

The Company grew in size and relocated in 1976 to a larger facility at 10600 West Glenbrook Court. Shortly thereafter, McClean Anderson reinforced its position as an industry pioneer by developing and introducing the first computer controlled filament winding machines. Computer control greatly improved winding accuracy and production speeds. 

In 1977, McClean Anderson became a subsidiary of Price Brothers Company of Dayton, Ohio. In 1992, Industrial Service and Machine, Inc. purchased McClean Anderson and relocated all operations to Schofield, Wisconsin. What is Filament Winding?


300 Ross Avenue
PO Box 20


Telephone: +1 715 355 3006

Email: info@mcclean-anderson.com

Website: www.mccleananderson.com

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