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Wedel, Germany

Marcotodo offers adaptive heat equipment for documented hot bonding of OoA materials/composites parts in all dimensions and every geometry. 

With our modular designed and Airbus Group proofed TeQua®Cure aggregates we can solve every thermal task up to 200°C / 392°F:
- with homogenous temperature distribution ±3°C on the component
- optional vaccum monitoring and regulation
- optional active humidity control e.g. for faster drying of adhesives, sealants and shims in assembly.

All systems can be used in production (stationary rework) as well as for mobile field repair.


Rissener Str. 106
22880 Wedel


Telephone: +49 (0) 4103 1 88 21/41

Email: info@marcotodo.de

Website: www.marcotodo.com

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