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CTAerocomp Engineering and Technology Consulting

Dursley, Gloucestershire, UK

At CTAerocomp we pride ourselves on our ability to provide global engineering consulting and technology support. From conceptual design to your technical handbook, we can support you in development at every stage of your project, or product lifecycle. 

CTAerocomp is a member of the CTEngineering group, a partnership that benefits CTAerocomp with a wealth of knowledge, resource and support. Our clients such as Airbus, Cassidian, Aernnova, Bombardier, GKN Aerospace and Airbus group have worked in partnership with us to develop solutions to their most pressing challenges. We can assist in the design and development of aircraft, production, methodology, technologies and composite training. 

Our four key areas of expertise include;

•    Integrated Engineering
•    Project Management
•    Innovation
•    Training

Since 1994, we have participated in some of the largest international engineering projects undertaken by the most important global producers and suppliers of the aviation, aerospace, automotive, rail, marine, industrial plants and renewable energy industries. 

We export our technology and expertise across 4 continents, wherever our clients need them: Australia, Belgium, Brazil, Canada, China, France, Germany, India, Portugal, the UK, and the United States. An extensive network of international offices allows us to provide local solutions and maintain direct and continuous contact with our clients.

Contact us TODAY at admin@ctaerocomp.co.uk to explore the ways in which CTAerocomp can work with you to ensure your business is gaining the maximum benefit in this market, alternatively visit us at www.ctaerocomp.com for more information.



 8 Prospect Place
GL11 4JL


Telephone: +44 1453 545330

Email: admin@ctaerocomp.co.uk

Website: www.ctaerocomp.co.uk

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