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From insulating boards and metal-faced sandwich panels to binders for rock consolidation, the Product Center provides detailed information on the more than 2,000 materials and solutions from Covestro.

There are things that are tried and true and yet somehow always new. Classics such as polycarbonate, the crystal-clear, high-performance plastic from Covestro that is extremely strong, lightweight, durable and can be formed into any shape. Or the versatile polyurethanes, which in the form of a wide variety of foams and as a component for coatings, adhesives and elastomers enrich our daily lives.

The Product Center provides an overview of our broad range of specific individual products based on these materials. Familiar trade names such as Makrolon®, Desmodur® and Impranil® can be found here. Also available here is information on numerous product groups and areas of application, purchasing and delivery, and safe handling. Finally, there are certificates for products and production sites, plus an overview of trade fairs and product-specific events all around the world.


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