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Bond-Laminates GmbH

Brilon, Germany

"Tepex sheets consist of glass, carbon and/or aramid fibers and thermoplastics like PA6, PA6.6, PA12, PA4.6, PBT, PPS, PEI, TPU etc. which are laminated in a continuous, cost effective process. The product family consists of: Tepex dynalite, Tepex anti-ballistic, Tepex flowcore, Tepex semipreg and Tepex sandwich, which can all be optimised for each application.
The fully impregnated and consolidated thermoplastic composites enable rapid forming in very short cycle times, in the range of 30-60 seconds.
Besides materials, Bond Laminates also offers engineering and prototyping for Tepex applications."


Am Patbergschen Dorn 9


Telephone: +49 2961 966 280

Email: info@bond-laminates.de

Website: www.bond-laminates.de

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