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Advanced Composite Systems

Vancouver, Canada

Advanced Composite Systems, LLC was founded March 2007, in Carson, Washington and began life with a single goal: add value to our customer's bottom line.

After relocating to our new facility in Vancouver, Washington in September 2008, Advanced Composite Systems, LLC has continued to grow and mature by adding staff, tools, and knowledge to better serve our expanding customer base. Our core competencies are composite materials fabrication to aerospace standards, technical expertise, and creative design and problem solving.

Although our primary industry focus in the beginning was solely aerospace; architects, designers, and other industry decision makers have asked us to handle their projects. A truly composite company, we serve three very distinct industry segments: Aerospace/defense - Industrial Design - Automotive.

We bring an engineering driven approach to prototyping and production. Lightweight carbon fiber airframe components are our specialty. Our industry emphasis is on the growing UAV/UAS and military market.

Bridging the gap between concept and reality, our industrial design services bring to life architectural ideas. We help to design and oversee commercial projects of all sizes and scopes. Your imagination can run wild, and we see that it becomes your reality.

Vast knowledge of design and fabrication in the aftermarket field gives us the unique ability to see your project to completion, no mater the size. From aerodynamic and mechanical components, to complete concept cars; from one off parts, to production body panels we will ensure your project is finished to the highest standards - yours.



4601 NE 78th St. Suite 120 
Wa 98665


Telephone: +1 360 718 8980

Email: info@acscomposites.com

Website: www.acscomposites.com

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